Sugar specialties

We offer a wide range of sugar items. All these sweeteners are carefully selected and prepared for specific purposes & applications in mind.

Banner showing sugar paste application for Herco's range of sugar specialties
  • Fondant extra white
  • Cocoa fondant
  • Confectionery glucose syrup
  • Invert sugar paste
  • Sugar paste
  • Marzipan
  • Icing sugar
  • Cassonade brown sugar

Our range has evolved over the years to include:

  • Sugar specialties like fondants, sugar pastes and marzipan
  • Liquid sugars like glucose syrup and invert sugar  
  • Dry sugars like icing sugar, cassonade brown sugar and pearl sugars

Fondant extra white

A ready to use thick, smooth white sugar paste that melts in the mouth. 

It consists of very fine crystallized saccharose and glucose syrup.  Our HERCO® fondant has a supreme white color and keeps its shine perfectly after application.  This fondant is versatile and ready to use,  it dries quickly  yet it remains soft inside for a long period of time.  It can be mixed easily with color – and flavor additives. 

Our fondant is perfect as icing for cakes, cream buns, petits fours, frangipane, butter -and genoese pastries, giving them a delicious and tempting look.  Also it is an ideal base to make chocolate fillings and for confectionery usage.  This product can be used to make butter cream – in a paste together with butter – for the filling of shortbread, rolled biscuits and various butter cream cakes.

Available in 15kg cartons, 15kg pails, 7kg pails and  6x1kg cartons

Cocoa fondant

A ready to use dark brown sugar paste containing real Belgian chocolate. 

Our HERCO® cocoa fondant is ready to use, very stable and easy to work with.  It has a constant, warm chocolate color and a pleasant sweet taste.  After a quick drying process it offers nice gloss views to your pastries. 

The cocoa fondant is perfect for glazing & icing applications in pastry & confectionery.

Available in 15kg cartons, 15kg pails and 7kg pail

Confectionery glucose syrup

A glucose syrup with low DE. 

Our HERCO® glucose syrup is the perfect sweetener for all your confectionery.  It avoids breaking and is ideal for pulling and blowing figures.  The glucose syrup creates a smooth structure and improves the ability of the ice cream scoop.  It is less sweet compared to sucrose. 

The confectionery glucose syrup is a superior sweetener for cookies, waffles, various range of candies, ice cream and chocolate products.

Available in 25kg pails, 15kg pails, 7kg pails and 6x1kg carton

Invert sugar paste

A completely inverted sugar in paste. 

Our HERCO® invert sugar paste creates a nice brown colour in cookies.  Also it is a moisture stabilizer ensuring a longer shelflife & freshness when used in waffles & bread.  When used in ice and ice cream our invert sugar paste lowers the freezing point and improves the ability of the ice cream scoop.  Moreover it prevents hardering of the fillings in chocolate, truffles and cream applications.

Available in 15kg pails and 7kg pails

Sugar paste

Our Herco® sugar pastes offer the baker the ideal icing for novelty, birthday, wedding and Christmas cakes & gateaux.

It provides a perfect one coat coverage on all types of celebration cakes.  Due to their excellent soft cutting properties our sugar pastes are ideal for making flowers and other sugar decorations.  They have superior long life keeping properties, making them also ideal for quick finish gateaux.  Our white sugar paste may be colored & flavored providing endless possibilities for creative modelling.  Sugar paste is available in different colors and flavors.

Available in 6kg pails, 5kg cartons, 6x1kg cartons and 24x250g cartons


Herco® marzipan is made from the highest quality almonds resulting in an amazing natural almond taste & flavor.  Our high quality, tastefull marzipan is prepared based on the traditional recipe, taking into account the current new industrial standards on quality & food safety. 

Our Herco® marzipan tastes amazing when covered with chocolate, so it is the ideal product for pralines, truffles and buches.  Marzipan can also be used in biscuits, bread and pastries.    It can be rolled into thin sheets and used as glazing for birthday-, wedding -and Christmas cakes.   Very popular are marzipan imitations of fruits, vegetables, animals and other figures.  Our marzipan may be colored & flavored providing endless possibilities for creative modelling.  It is available in different colors and with different almond percentages.

Available in 5kg cartons, 6x1kg cartons and 24x250g cartons

Icing sugar

Herco® icing sugar is a fine, white decoration powder, based on sugar coated with vegetable fat and starch. 

It is the ideal powder sugar to decorate all your pastries and desserts.  Our icing sugar is easy to spread, freezestable and remains white after application.  It does not disappear into greasy surfaces and a fine layer is sufficient to achieve a longlasting result.

Available in 10kg bags

Cassonade brown sugar

Brown colored sugar with the specific candy taste. 

Our Herco® brown sugar is perfect for usage on bread, pancakes, rice pudding and strawberries.  Also it can provide to many dishes and desserts a surprising & refined taste.  The cassonade brown sugar is also widely used to give a typical color and aroma to beer and cookies.

Available in 25kg bags

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