HERCO® - The original Belgian speculoos

All our products are made based on the exquisite artisanal craftmanship honoring the long time tradition of Belgian speculoos. HERCO® speculoos is produced according to the highest quality standards for food and sold in industry, foodservice & retail. Our speculoos is exported to various countries and its quality is enjoyed by countless professionals & families all over the world.

herco - no bake biscoff cheesecake made from speculoos crumble & speculoos spread
  • Speculoos Topping
  • Speculoos spread
  • Speculoos Crumble
  • Speculoos Biscuits

Speculoos Topping

Available in 1kg & 500ml easy-squeeze bottles and 5kg pails

HERCO® speculoos topping is made from the original Belgian speculoos biscuits giving this sauce a delicious taste with the well-known caramelized flavor.

It is a perfect topping for crepes, waffles, pancakes, cakes, puddings, ice cream & many other desserts. Also ideal to use in hot beverages, for example coffee & chocolate drinks and cold drinks like milkshakes & cocktails.

Moreover, it may be used as a tasteful sweet caramelized filling in cakes, pies, chocolate creations and many other recipes, both sweet and savoury.

Our HERCO® speculoos topping forms the perfect combination with ice cream, gelato and frozen yoghurts. It can serve as a rich topping sauce to add the specific speculoos touch, or as part of the basic recipe with a large dosage, to create amazingly tasteful speculoos ice cream and speculoos frozen yoghurt.

Speculoos Spread

Available in 400g jars, 3kg pails and 8kg pails

A delicious spread made from freshly baked original Belgian speculoos biscuits. 

HERCO® speculoos spread creamy is a wonderfull creamy, smooth speculoos spread.  Moreover we also have a speculoos spread crunchy, which has some extra speculoos crumble added to create a tasty spread with extra bite & crunchyness.  Our speculoos spreads are made from the finest ingredients and contain only non-hydrogenated vegetable fats. 

The spreads are both bake – and freezestable.  HERCO® speculoos spreads are delicious on bread, sandwiches and pancakes.  They are the ideal filling for pastries, cakes & pies  and a perfect ingredient for all your desserts.  Moreover the speculoos spread is used to add the  speculoos flavor to your chocolate creations and to aromatize ice cream with the original speculoos.

Our creamy speculoos spread is now also available in easy-to-use 20g portion cups.
This is ideal for hotels, restaurants, catering, and comes packed in 175 cups per carton.

Speculoos Crumble

Available in 8 - 12kg cartons (depending on the crumble size) and 6x1.1kg packs per carton

A delicious crumble made from freshly baked original speculoos biscuits. HERCO® speculoos crumble is made from the finest ingredients and contains only non-hydrogenated vegetable fats. HERCO® speculoos crumble is available in different sizes: 0-2mm, 0-4mm, 2-6mm and 0-10mm.

Speculoos crumble is an ideal ingredient to add speculoos flavor and crunchyness to your ice cream and a perfect inclusion for desserts.  In addition speculoos crumble is a tastefull topping for cakes and pies and a great ingredient to bring chrunchyness & flavor to your chocolate creations.  Moreover it can be used as a topping for coffee, chocolate drinks and cocktails.


Speculoos Biscuits

Available in bulk packaging for industry, multipacks for retail and single packed biscuits for foodservice.

HERCO® -  The original Belgian speculoos biscuit. 

The combination of fine ingredients and perfect control of the baking process result in the well known unique taste & crunchyness of our speculoos biscuits.  Our speculoos biscuits are made from the finest ingredients and contain only non-hydrogenated vegetable fats. 

HERCO® speculoos is the ultimate biscuit for all your favorite coffee moments and perfect in combination with bread or sandwiches.  Our speculoos biscuits are ideal for enrobing with chocolate, marzipan or sugar coatings and a sublime addition to all your desserts.

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