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We developed an assortment of ready to use dry mixes to prepare quickly and efficiently some delicious pastries.   Our decorations bring the perfect finishing touch to your desserts.  Moreover we offer some high quality ingredients which assist in bringing your creations to a higher level.


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Dry Mixes

Sponge cake vanilla mix

A complete mix for quick preparation of high volume sponge cake.  HERCO® sponge cake mix provides a delicious sponge cake with a long-lasting softness and a nice light brown color.  This sponge cake is a strong base for luxury patries with heavy fillings and beautifull toppings & decorations.

Available in 25kg bags

Sponge cake chocolate mix

A complete pastry mix for fast preparation of chocolate sponge cake.  HERCO® sponge cake chocolate has a long-lasting freshness and a nice chocolate brown color.  It provides the ideal base for all your chocolate cakes as its structure allows cutting without crumbling.

Available in 25kg bags

Custard powder

An instant custard mix for cold preparation.  HERCO® crème patissière is both bake-and freeze stable.  Our custard creme is suitable for many different applications such as puff pastries, cream buns and flans.  Mix the custard with whipping cream to achieve a delicious light cream.  

Available in 25kg bags

Pearl waffle mix

A complete mix to make the well known sugar waffle.  Ready to use,  just add water & oil (or butter) and you can enjoy the amazing pearl sugar waffles.

Available in 10kg bags

Brussels waffle mix

A complete mix to make the traditional, internationally known Belgian waffles.  It is a ready to use mix,  only need to add water and you are ready to bake.  Brussels waffles made from our Herco® waffle mix will be crunchy outside and have the typical softness inside with the pleasant vanilla aroma.  The waffles will be light, fresh, crispy and smooth.  It will be perfect to combine with whipping cream, powder sugar, fruit and one of our spreads or toppings.

Available in 10kg bags

Pancake mix

A complete mix to make American pancakes.  Ready to use, just add water and you can enjoy the amazing taste of pancakes.
Herco® pancakes can be used for breakfest, snack or base for desserts and are ideal to combine with one of our spreads or toppings.

Available in 10kg bags

Florentine mix

A vacuum belt-dried powder for the production of sweet and savoury florentines & fine bakery wares.  With our Herco® florentine mix you can add a delicious crispy bite to biscuits, muesli bars, croissants, puff pastry and cakes.  Simply mix nuts , seeds or cereals with our florentine powder and put in the oven.  It will also add a gentle caramel flavor and a nice shine to your creations.

Available in 12x600g cartons and 10kg cartons

Ginger bread mix

A ready to use mix to create scrumptious gingerbread biscuits, only by adding eggs and butter.  Herco® ginger bread mix contains a subtle mixture of spices which give it a unique taste.  The ginger bread biscuits are especially popular during the end year period to make ginger bread houses and other decorations.

Available in 10kg bags

Topping base powder

A high performance whipping agent.  Whipping cream made with our Herco® topping base cannot be over-whipped.  Moreover the foam will have a high overrun, strong foam stability and a short whipping time.  Additionally our topping base adds a pleasant creamy flavor to the whipping cream.

Available in 25kg bags


Crispy Flakes

Small flakes with a fine caramel flavor originating from the traditional crepe dentelle wafer biscuits. Herco® crispy flakes are ideal to add a crunchy bite to your pralinés and giandujas. You can also mix it with tempered chocolate to give a crispy touch to pralines, pastries and desserts. Our crispy flakes remain crunchy at all time in combination with chocolate and nut pastes. We recommend not to mix into cream, dairy or other liquids since the flakes may turn soft. Also perfect to use as decoration on top of ready to serve ice cream and many other desserts.

Available in 4x2kg cartons

Black cocoa cookie crumble

American style black cocoa cookie, available in different crumble sizes.  Widely used as decoration and flavoring on confectionery, bakery & pastry and ice cream & desserts.

Available in cartons, weight depending on the crumble size 

Cocoa decoration powder

Cocoa powder 22/24 with added icing sugar, specifically developed for cocoa powder dusting applications like for example on Tiramisu.  Our HERCO® cocoa decoration powder has a high cocoa percentage providing a profound cocoa flavor with a pleasant added sweet note.  This decoration powder does not disappear into greasy surfaces and stays on top of your desserts.

Available in 10x1kg cartons  


Powder colors

A fine range of powder colors suitable to be dispersed in fat masses for the decoration of food, in particular confectionery (chocolate) and fine bakery (pastries, cookies, cakes and wafers).  Directly add the HERCO® powder color to the product to be colored or apply with a brush to the surface to be decorated.  Available colors are: blue, green, orange, pink, red, yellow, white, black, bright gold, bright silver and copper.

Available in 25x25gr cartons

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder obtained from grinding of sound and ripe previously cleaned, unshelled, roasted cocoa beans
(Theobroma Cocoa) and submitted to appropriate alkalize treatment.  HERCO® cocoa powder is strongly alkalised with pH 8 and 22/24% cocoa butter.  It has a very dark reddish brown color and a pure intense taste with no vanilla.  Our alkalised cocoa powder is ideal for usage in chocolate drinks, ice cream & desserts, pastry and confectionery.

Available in 10x1kg cartons

Edible leaf gelatin halal

Made from 100% bovine hide splits only,  halal certified.  HERCO® leaf gelatin is a high quality gelatin with no smell and high transparency.  It is very convenient to use and to determine the required quantity, just by counting the number of leaves.
We can offer both silver quality with 400 leaves per kg and bronze quality with 300 leaves per kg.

Available in 25x1kg cartons

Natural Vanilla Flavor

A natural vanilla flavor powder with a light brown color.  Our Herco® natural vanilla flavor has a pleasant vanilla aroma, also it enhances the sweet flavors in a recipe.  It has an appetizing and stabilizing effect, in addition it can assist in masking a fat taste profile.  This natural vanilla flavor can be used in a wide range of food flavor formulations, chocolate, confectionery, baking, beverages and fresh dairy products.

Available in 25kg cartons

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